Share Your Favourite Christmas Picture

Blogmas Day 6 Today's post for Blogmas is a snappy one (excuse the pun). I thought I'd share my favourite Christmas photo (Christmas Day at Disney Orlando, Florida) that I have and would love you to share your favourite Christmas picture with me.


What’s on your Christmas dinner checklist?

Blogmas Day 5 I love to be organised when it comes to cooking a big meal especially when it's a Christmas meal. So I thought I'd share you my checklist that I'll use to take to the supermarket. On Christmas Eve, I would make a checklist of all the timings and order everything depending how... Continue Reading →

The Run Up To Christmas

December is here and we are counting down the days, hours and minutes till it's Christmas. It's my favourite time of the year as it's the time we get time off work to spend time with our families. It's also the time of the year where we reflect on the year that's gone by and... Continue Reading →


Hi all, So I've never really known where this blog is going and I seem to do the daily prompts most of the time I log onto here even though I have situations relating to all the prompts. But as the year is drawing to a close I'm trying to have more of a focus... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tag

Blogmas Day 1 So I know it's a little late starting, or shall I say it's very late but I only found out about Blogmas a few days ago so I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't want to go in all hardcore for my first post so I came across The Christmas... Continue Reading →

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