Luck is a success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own action. Some people seem to have luck coming out of their ears, some people feel like they have no luck whatsoever and there are the people that just don’t believe in such thing called luck.

I’m a coin collector and therefore in this post it’ll be about all the lucky coins there are about in the world.

These coins are lucky coins that aren’t even issued as currency anymore and therefore are classed as precious coins. Lucky coins might lead to wealth, health, good luck and a prosperous life so if you need that extra bit of luck maybe one of these coins will bring you that.

The Caribbean Cent coin from Bermuda, decorated with a lucky pig – a symbol of both fertility and strength and also refers to prosperity and wealth.

The 1 Vatu coin from the South Sea island of Vanuatu. This coin features the lucky Triton’s trumpet which stands for happiness, success and love in Buddhism.

The 1 Tambala coin from Malawi features a fish which has been considered a symbol of fertility for many years. In China it also signifies wealth and success and in Christianity it signifies the faith.

An Irish lucky Penny, which brings great luck to its owner. These lucky pennies feature the Irish harp, Ireland’s national symbol.

The 1-Toea coin, which originates from Papua New Guinea. The butterfly on this coin symbolizes the joy and happiness evolving from things.

5 Pence from the Falkland Islands. The albatross on this coin signifies a happy homecoming and has been a popular motif for seafarers across the world.

The lucky Pfennig, the best-known coin in Germany. According to ancient traditional beliefs, this copper material that this coin is plated with compensates for evil charms and facilitates potency.

The historical Cash coin from Ancient China is often worn as jewellery to bring wealth and happiness to the wearer. This coin is seen as a symbol of wealth worldwide.

Now you know what lucky coins are out there but in the real world the question is is there such thing as luck? You always hear people say oh it must be my lucky day or I am so lucky to have you or I have ran out of luck today… but if you think about it if you are positive, and positive throughout the day and your life you don’t need luck because you’re in control. You don’t need luck to help you with your outlook on life and what you can gain from life, just know what you want, never give up and stay who you are, never change yourself for anyone. When other people treat you poorly, walk away, smile and keep being you. Don’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change the person you are. Be the strong, beautiful person that you are. Luck is just a bonus.

Daily prompt – Luck


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