Do you ever go to the beach and look out towards the sea? Do you ever go on a ferry ride or day at sea on the cruise ship and look out to the sea?

When I look out to the sea I think about all the discovery that could happen in the massive sea that is currently infront of me. You think of all the ship wrecks, corals and connections of earth plates that are yet to be inspected or discovered.

At the end of the day it’s not about the massive sea or ocean but the association with the discovery you can find throughout the years and moments of your life because life is full of massive moments.

Recently I have learnt that you should never give up on discovering new things in life and that you should never let people get the better of you. It’s a massive world out there and there is so much for you to discover. One day, you’ll find something that you become content with whether it’s in regards to work, home life, family life or just feeling content in general.

Daily prompt – massive


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